Android App Making In 5 Minute With Earning


Android App Making In 5 Minute If you want to make an app for your website without coding, this article is for you.

Android App Making In 5 Minute If you want to make an app for your website without any kind of coding, then this article is for you.


In the Android App Making In 5 Minute tutorial, I will try to show you how to create an Android App without using any website.


Basically, we will use PC software in today’s topic, Android App Making In 5 Minute.

Today’s article is not for those who want to make an app from mobile. However, if you want, you can see from the video below how to make an app from mobile.

You can also watch the video below for how to place ads on Admob.

And if you want to learn Android App Development from PC.
However, you can see all the tools you need from the video below.
Let’s get back to today’s topic in the Android App Making In 5 Minute tutorial.

Take a look at all the things we need to make an Android App from the website: –

Download and Install.


Download and Install.

Java SE Development Kit 8u271

 Download and Install.


4.Windows 10 (For Better Performance)

    If you have Windows 10, 8.1, 7 installed, then you can work effortlessly.
    Now, except for Windows, download all the other things and install them together.
Today’s main topic Android App Making In 5 Minute, is starting from here.
First of all, if you don’t have a website, you can make one for free by following the link below.
I hope those who have a website should not have any problem with weblinks.
I will give an example using the name of the website from which you are reading the article.
So don’t forget to change the link to your website.

Android App Making In 5 Minute Tutorial:

First, open the Website2apk software.

Then what we have to do: –

  1. The name of the app must be given.
  2. The package name needs to be changed.
  3. The version must be selected.
  4. You have to put the link to the website.
  5. The logo should be made in size 512 * 512.
  6. Admob’s code must be inserted. (For Earning)
  7. Finally, you have to make an app and test it.
See the image below where to put what.

You have to give the name of your app in the first number. For example DarkMagician

In the 2nd box, you have to put the name of the package.

Suppose you named your app DarkMagician.
And in the first cell of your package name, there is com, then put your app name in the remaining two cells. E.g., com. dark.magician
This package name has a lot of functionality so try to match the package name with the app.

Number 3 is the version code. When you create a new app, its version will be 1.0, which means 1.

And when you release the updated version of an app will be 2.0 or 2.
In the same way, you will increase the version as much as you update.

URL number 4 is the link to your website.

The link to my website is DarkMagician.Xyz, then I will put it.
If your domain does not have an SSL certificate,  HTTP: //
either your website is secure and has SSL, then  https: //
If you do not understand this, copy and paste the link that appears in the browser, then you will get HTTP: // or https: //.

The 5th house is not marked with red ink so understand from here.

See About Dialogue Text. Go to that room and write your name like: –
“App is created by Cyber Prince.”

At number 8, you have to give a logo by clicking on the Change Icon. Whose size will be 512 * 512px

Remember, a good quality logo helps make the app attractive.

Number 6 is Admob Monetization

This is where the important thing is you have to put Admob’s ad code.
So if you do not have an account on the Admob site, go to the link below and create an account.
If you have opened an account or already have an account, see the steps below.

Once the account is created, you will be shown a dashboard like above.

First, click Apps Settings. Then click the Add App button.

Select Android from Platform. Because we will take ads for Android App, right?

Is The app Listed on a supported app store? Here we will select No? Because we haven’t made the app yet and haven’t published it in the App Store.
Finally, click the Continue button.

In the App Name field, you have to enter the name of the app you created. I gave Horror Photo Editor as an example.

Which is going to be my next project.
Once the name is given, click on the Add App button.
Clicking on the How To Setup App-Ads TXT text will give you a code like an image below.
If your website is a blogger, copy it, and if you are using any hosting, it is a different matter.
If you are using Hosting, you need to open Notepad from the PC.
Now you have to paste that copied code inside Notepad and save it with the name app-ads.txt.
And upload that app-ads.txt file to your website’s folder.
So, those who use Blogger go to Blogger’s settings.

Turn on the Enable custom ads.txt feature from Monetization.

Then put your copied code in the Custom Ads.txt box and save it.
Then the app-ads.txt is installed. The purpose of installing it is to verify your website.
Click the Create Ad Unit button and if you want to create an Ad Code later, click the Done button.

You need to create a Banner and Interstitial Ad unit.

I will create Banner Ad first, so I selected Banner. Now you have to give the Ad unit Name. You can give your choice as I gave Banner.

Click the Create Ad Unit button.

See ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxx / xxxxxxxxxxxxx Make a note of the code you get somewhere.

Then click on Create Another ad unit to create the same rule Interstitial Ad Code.
Now, if you have the Banner and Interstitial ad code, let’s put it in the software.

Select Enable from AdMob Monetization. A pop up will appear where you put your Banner and Interstitial code and click the Save button.

Finally, if you click on the Generate Apk button, your app will be created. However, it is not clear that the app you create with this software will be SDK 28.

If you want, you can earn dollars from Admob by publishing this app to your friends, relatives, area, or blog.
Since I just shared the tutorial on making the app, I will not discuss publishing it in the Play Store today.
If you want to publish in the Play Store, you need to publish by signing the App.
And how to do App Signing and create a Key for your App will be discussed another day.
Please comment to let us know if you like today’s Android App Making In 5 Minute article or any problems.
And yes, if you want me to come up with more tutorials like this, don’t forget to like and share.
Then we will say goodbye like today, some other day with something new.

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