Let’s make online ludo games And Earn Money

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Welcome to the online Ludu Games article. In this article, I will discuss how you can create your own online ludo games.

Let's make online ludo games


Let’s make online ludo games. Use this tutorial to see below the details of what you will need to make online games.

First, you need Hosting and a Domain to run the games.



Why are the domains needed?


Here Domain will suggest you a URL that you can use to play games from any browser. Moreover, you can earn money by opening it for everyone.




Why would it be necessary to host?

Hosting is used to submit online sites. Now suppose you have a mobile then you can do a lot with mobile. But most of the time, it is seen that we store data on mobile. And this data is stored in a small memory card. Now you must buy a memory card if you want to save your data on mobile.

In the same way, Hosting is an online website submission service. So if you want your data to be stored online, you must purchase hosting.

I hope I have given a small idea about what Domain and Hosting will be useful. However, the definition of it is not but simple to explain.

Add Custom Domain to Blogger in 5 Minutes

You may find many free hosting services on the internet, but my suggestion is to do it professionally. Otherwise, you will reduce the value of your brand to save a small cost.

If you already have Domain and Hosting, you can buy from the link below if you want.


From the link above, you can get it by spending 100 rupees per month.


All you have to do is register to work with your service from time to time.


And if the account is created, you need to select Order New Service from the Services feature.

Then go to the service and select NVME SSD Web Hosting.

Then you will see your desired service. See the picture above mentions some package and their monthly charge.

You have to select the 100 taka package and order it. You will then be able to pay your monthly charge for the development.

The problem of hosting is gone; now let’s come to the domain context: –

If you have not created an account for hosting, go to the link below and create an account.


Then you buy a new domain. You can take the. Xyz Domain Extension if you want.

It will cost 100 taka as much as possible. Then you will get a domain for 1 year. In this case, you do not have to pay a separate charge for the domain per month; it can be used for a full year.


If your domain and hosting are purchased, you will need the script of the game.

To download the script of the game, go to the link below and download it.

Cyber Ludo Script

Once downloaded, you need to enter the Hosting Cpanel.




If you have successfully entered Cpanel, you will see many features.




However, you need to enter the File Manager feature.


When you enter File Manager, you will see some folders. You need to enter the public_html folder.



Click the Upload button.



Click on the Select File button and select your Ludu games script and wait until it is uploaded. You will see the green color when uploaded. Finally, click on GO Back To.



You will be redirected to the File Manager, and you will actually see a file called Ludo Online.


Your job is to right-click on the file with the mouse. Then you will see an article called Extract. Click on it.


If you do everything right, then your ludo games are ready. Now it’s time to play.


You can go to your games using your domain name; then, you can play. You can also surprise your friends by sharing these games with them.


Use this tutorial to see below the details of what you will need to make online games.

You can easily play these games from mobile or PC with a maximum of four players or friends if you want.Android App Making In 5 Minute With Earning

Finally, I would like to know how to make today’s online ludo games article. How did you like it?

If you like it, stay with us by liking, commenting, and sharing.

I will try to present to you with more beautiful articles.

InshaAllah, we will meet some other time again with something new.


Author: Sourov

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