Cat Saver Android Games Making Tutorial


Welcome to the Cat Saver Android Games tutorial. 

Cat Saver Android Games

Cat Saver Android Games: You can earn dollars by making Cat Saver games. And if you want, you can show the games to your friends in addition to publishing the games in the Play Store.

Below is a list of what you need to make our Cat Saver games today: –
If you’ve downloaded all the necessary files from the list above, let’s get started:
First, you have to download and install Android Studio then open it.
Now extract your downloaded project file.
When Android Studio is launched, click on Open an existing project.

After you download, go to the folder where you extracted the project file and double click on the Build.Gradle file.

It will take a while for everything to be fully indexed so wait. And when the processing is over you are ready to work.

Open the String.xml file from the Values ​​folder. And when it opens, you can change the name from the String name line.

Now enter the XML folder and double click on the Config.xml file. 

Then you have to change the name of your games, Description, Mail, Website Link, and Developer from the file that will open.


Now the job is to change the package name. For this you have to go to the Java folder and you will see there is something like 
To divide this package name into three parts, you need to click on the Setting Icon. Then you have to remove the tick mark from Compact Middle Package.

If you uncheck the Compact Middle Package, the package name will be split into three parts. Now you have to change the package name.

Right-click with the mouse on the last piece. You will see a text called Refactor. Hover the mouse over it and you will see the text Rename. Click on Rename.

If the name of your game is divided into two parts, write what will happen in the last part in the Rename box. And click on the Refactor button.

Now it’s your turn to change the middle package name. Right-click on the middle package name in exactly the same way. Select Refactor- Rename.

Now write the first part of your games in your Middle package. Tick ​​and click the Refactor button.

 If done correctly, your package name has changed.
Now you have to use Admob to place the ad. So if you don’t have an Admob account, create one now by following the link below.
Select Apps from AdMob and click on Add App.

I will choose the platform Android because we are not making games for the iPhone anymore.

And I will select No from the app listed on the supported app store.
Because our app has not been released yet.
Now click on the Continue button.

Now enter the name of the game you created and click the Add App button.

Click the Create Ad Unit button.

To create a banner ad, you need to select a banner.

In the Ad unit name field you can enter a name for your Banner ad. Then click on the Create Ad Unit button.

Now we get two codes, the first is APP ID and the second is Banner ID. 

First copy your APP ID.

Now go to the Mainfests folder and open the AndroidMainfests.xml file, then you will go to the end of that file and change the APP ID code of your Admob.

And if you want to put the Banner ID that we have to go.

Now you have to go from assets to www folder where you will find a file called Hook.js.

When you open the Hook.js file, you will see two codes, the first is Banner and the second is interstitial.
Since we have our Banner ID code, we will change the Banner ID first.
See below to get the Interstitial code.

Click on Create Another Ad unit to see the above. Select Interstitial.

In the Ad unit name field, enter as you wish and click the Create Ad unit button at the end.

If you have received the intersitial code then put it in the Hook.js file without delay.


You have to change the Developer Link from that Hook file again. If you have a Play Console account, add a link to your developer or a link to your website.

Open the MainActivity file from your Package Name folder. Here you need to change the Publisher ID and change the Privacy Policy URL.

You will get the Publisher ID on your Admob site, where you can get your profile picture by clicking Show.

And for the Privacy Policy, you can go to the site below and create. And the code obtained from there, you can create a new page of Blogger or WordPress and put it and you have to add that link.
Now let’s do the last thing that will make your game suitable for playing on any Android device.

Now you need to go to the Build menu from Android Studio. Then select Build Bundle (s) / APK (s). After clicking on Build Apk, the Build Process will start.

When the processing is finished, you can see your desired games by clicking on located in the name of App-release.
Start playing without wasting time and share the games you have made with your friends.
So farewell to the tutorial on making Cat Saver Android Games like today.
See you some other time with something new.

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