Difference between computer and internet?


Difference between a computer and the Internet?

What's The Difference between a computer and the Internet
difference between computer and internet: I will try to explain the correct answer to the question with logic and then if anyone has any opinion the comment box is open for you.
Before we start this post, we need to know what a computer is and the internet, then we will be able to differentiate between them.
So first let’s find out about computers.
Did you hear the name Abacus? Many people know that it is a calculator. What is known from history is that about 4,000 years ago, the Chinese made a calculating instrument. This was the world’s first calculator. And this is the ancestor of the current computer. And the computer that we do today, including movies, games, and graphical work, such as surfing the Internet, the computer came into being as a computing device. Still, today it is not limited to just counting.
difference between computer and internet

Most of our daily tasks can be solved through the computer, but it is field-specific.

Regular word computer comes from the Greek word compute. The word compute means to count. The word computer basically means calculating device.
(Again the Latin word Computer is also considered to be the origin of the word Computer)

 Computers are no longer limited to computing devices, and the main reason is that their usage has changed over time. Advanced management, production, research, telecommunication, publishing cannot be imagined without a computer. Computers can be used in all places for all purposes. Basically, people use computers to improve their work. With its use, every work becomes dependent and dynamic. So the use of the computer is increasing day by day. The following are the different types of computer use: –

difference between computer and internet

difference between computer and internet In-Office Management

difference between computer and internet
  1.  the Industry Sector
  2.  Printing Industry
  3.  Communication
  4.  the Medical Sector
  5.  Research
  6.  Banking
  7.  Court
  8.  the Defense Sector
  9.  the Billing System
  10.  Agriculture
  11.  Culture and Recreation
  12.  Information Statistics
  13.  Design
  14. Weather Forecast
In a word, computers are used everywhere. Our life journey is computer-based. Computer use is growing at an incredible rate in all fields, from home classrooms, video libraries, offices, department centres and hotels.
Computer Category:
Computers are divided into four parts in terms of shape. E.g.
A. Supercomputer,
b. A mainframe computer,
c. Minicomputer,
d. Microcomputer.
difference between computer and internet
A. Supercomputer: The largest in terms of shape is its powerful and fast data-processing capability. These computers are commonly used in scientific research and large organizations. E.g. cray-1, cray x-mp, cyber-205.
difference between computer and internet
B. Mainframe computer: Although smaller than a supercomputer but larger than other computers, this type of computer simultaneously works by maintaining connections to many receiving faces and emission faces, equipment, and various auxiliary memories. Large organizations use this type of computer. E.g. univac1100 / 01, IBM 6120, IBM 4341, NCR n8370, data general cs30.
difference between computer and internet
difference between computer and internet
C. Mini computer (mini computer): The most popular computer is small in shape and cheap. Widely used in official work, sports and entertainment. This computer is called a PC (personal computer): E.g. IBM pc, TRS 80, apple 64.
difference between computer and internet
D. Microcomputer: Microcomputer or personal computer is divided into three parts. E.g.
1. Super-micro
2. Desktop
3. Laptop
difference between computer and internet

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difference between computer and internet

1. Super-micro: Super microcomputer is the most powerful microcomputer. Another name for it is a work station. These computers take the place of mainframes as the power of these computers is close to that of any mini-computer.

difference between computer and internet

2. Desktop: It is easy to use and can be placed on the desk: such as-IBM PC, Apple Macintosh.

difference between computer and internet

C. Laptop: Small computers can be easily carried and used from the desktop. This can be done on top of the lap.  Laptops are divided into two categories- notebook (notebook) and PDA (PDA).

difference between computer and internet

Notebook: Small diary and notebook shaped laptop. These are also called power books.

difference between computer and internet
PDA: Sub note Book PDA (personal digital assistance) is a type of laptop.

In addition to the morphological aspect, the computer can be further divided into three classes from the structural aspect. Such as- 1. Digital computer (digital computer), II. Analogue computer (the analogue computer), 3. Hybrid computer.

difference between computer and internet

1. Digital computer: This type of computer receives information through letters/numbers and publishes results. This computer performs precise mathematical and logical work finely. 1 and 0 collect data depending on the binary number.

difference between computer and internet

2. Analog computer: This computer uses analogue electrical signals instead of letters and numbers. The analogue computer accepts electrical waves generated for sun, heat, heat, pressure as input and draws the results with a common plotter. Analogue computers are used in the chemical, petroleum and food processing industries.

difference between computer and internet
3. Hybrid computer: A computer consisting of two types of computers, digital and analogue, is called a hybrid computer. Hybrid computers are used for scientific solutions. I don’t think I need to mention anything more about computers. Let’s find out now.

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difference between computer and internet

The Internet is a computer-based global theory method. The Internet is the sum of many interconnected computer-centric networks. I will try to discuss in more detail below if the brother goes over his head.

difference between computer and internet

When you chat or send mail to someone, have you ever wondered how many different computers work together to complete these tasks?

Suppose you are sitting with your computer, your friend on the other side of the world is sitting with the computer ready to communicate with you. But there are countless computers between you and your friend’s computer that are filling the gap between you and your friend’s computer. And that’s how one computer is connected to another computer all over the world, and that’s the Internet. Who owns the Internet, the guru of everything? Is it the SIM companies or the WiFi provider?

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difference between computer and internet

The surprising answer is not that you own it yourself. I can’t believe that you all own one part of the internet.

If you have two computers in your house, you can instantly transfer large files from one computer to another if you connect them with optical fibre. Then your home internet was created. In this way, if you cover all the computers in the area, then the area’s internet was created. Thus, connecting computers all over the country or the whole world is the interconnected network or internet for short. In Bengali, we can call it a network of interrelationships.

difference between computer and internet

Naturally, the question arises whether I connected the home internet or optical fibre, but how are the computers connected worldwide? Is it via satellite? The answer is no, 99 per cent of the Internet runs through an optical fibre.

difference between computer and internet

Hundreds of hair-shaped optical fibres travel together through submarine cables from one country of the world to another. We have created this worldwide internet through hundreds of such submarine cables under the sea.

difference between computer and internet

So I understand that we all own the Internet, but why do we pay to run the Internet? It is normal to have such questions. Friends, the thousands of wires under the sea are called the backbone of the Internet. And it doesn’t cost much to lay and maintain them. The Internet has to go through a few steps to reach our home. Those who access the Internet are called Internet Service Provider Companies or ISPs for short.
I hope you guys understand more details easily.

ISP Tier

We need to know about ISP, and we need to know what ISP is. The full form of ISP is an Internet Service Provider.

And this ISP is divided into 3 parts: Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3  First stage ISP.

Here Tier 1 ISPs are the ISPs set up under the sea from California to Dubai, from Dubai to India, from Barat to Sri Lanka or Bangladesh and connect our country with other countries. They are international Internet Service Providers. The second stage is the ISP and then comes the Tier 2 ISP. Where Tier 1 ISPs are international, Tier 2 ISPs operate at the national level. Examples of this are that they receive internet from Tier 1, such as BSCCL Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited. These are the official Tier 2 ISPs of Bangladesh. They also provide internet services at the local level; For example, BTCL ADSL (Learn how to connect to BTCL Broadband)  Phase III ISP.

The real Tier 3 ISPs are regional level ISPs like Smile Broadband, Go Broadband, Link3, TM International etc. ISPs have their internet connection in your home or office or school, court. They buy internet from Tier 2. Here is when Grameenphone, Robi, or Airtel take internet from their Tier 2 or Tier 3 ISP for their subscribers. But for example, Robi TM International takes the internet. TM is a Tier 3 ISP; the TM’s capacity is slightly higher than that of the Tier 3 ISP.

difference between computer and internet
TR One Company is responsible for laying and maintaining submarine cables under the sea to maintain global relations. The TR 2 and TR 3 companies deliver fares to all locations within the country.


Our local WiFi providers hire from tier two companies. And the SIM companies rent from TR One Company and bring internet to all over Bangladesh through their towers.

difference between computer and internet

Giving an example makes the matter clearer.

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Suppose you log in to Facebook. SIM companies deliver this information to the lines of TR One Company in Cox’s Bazar and Kuakata. RTR One Company delivered it from Bangladesh to the Facebook server in Singapore. Following the reverse process, the Facebook web page opens on your mobile from the Facebook server. So, friends, the process is really complicated. And these are some protocols that control properly. The Internet Society is one of the few organizations that regulate it again. So friends, the cost of this huge event is not so much. So we run the internet with money even though we own a part of the internet. The difference between computer and internet is briefly discussed below.


From the above discussion, it is understood that the computer is a device by which it is possible to do almost all kinds of work and our topic is the computer is also needed to control the internet.    On the other hand, the Internet connects your computer to other computers in the world, and the Internet is used as a means of exchanging data. The web is software that lets you use that data … or play an important role in getting your own data elsewhere. Then we will say goodbye like today, some other day with something new.

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