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Zorin OS Best Alternative Windows: Today’s topic is the best alternative to Windows, so let’s get started.

Zorin OS Best Alternative Windows: Friends, I hope you like today’s topic, so let’s get started. Most of us computer users use Windows in general. If I ask you why you like Windows, many different answers are depending on the person.
 But if I ask in this way if I like Windows or the kernels of Linux, then everyone except a few users will vote for Windows because there is something called habit. I’ve been with Windows since I was little, but how
do you like Linux? And although some people say that I use Kali Linux, I would say that Kali is used only because of some tools, but the experts think are different.
But you know what? What do the statistics say?
One of the main reasons for Windows Using a large number of great software.
For example, you can’t use Adobe’s products in Linux even if you want to. Even if you are successful with wine, I Am Sure you will come back to Windows to run Adobe’s software.
Let’s get to the real thing. Maybe you haven’t seen or found an alternative to Windows, so you haven’t tried to use it, but today I’m going to introduce you to one of the best Windows alternatives with the best Linux kernel.
ZORIN OS started in 2006 to bring the most advanced technology to everyone: They wanted to create something that would be open source so that it would be readily available and the user would have full control of the technology which would not be possible in the case of Windows.

 Designed beautifully and simply to look so that we can create a powerful computing experience and countless people love to use every day.
Why use ZORIN OS?

Linux is a great computer operating system.

It removes data from the US Department of Defense to all international space stations on the world’s largest Internet servers and supercomputers.
 The reason for this is not difficult to find: it is fast, reliable, versatile,
and safe and the most interesting thing is that it will not be harmed by the virus
because the virus has no place in it.
Because it’s open-source, it’s awesome and gives everyone the ability to control their computer.
Despite the advantages over conventional operating systems,
the developers realized that the biggest obstacle to the success of Linux on desktop computers
was that it was not user-friendly enough.
 Linux based operating systems are usually designed for engineers by engineers,
creating friendly features with little consideration for regular users that I am sharing with you.
The ZORIN OS is designed to be as simple and awesome as possible,
so you don’t have to learn much from its familiar user interface.
It will load all the applications and tools out of your box for
browsing the web, working, playing, and everything in between.
All Linux interfaces have been added.
The developers said,
“We’ve created an operating system to improve your computer so that you can enjoy more benefits than ever before.”
And the funniest thing to say and the thing to watch is that ZORIN OS
is built in a way that allows you to enjoy the fun or features of Windows, Mac, and Gnome Linux.
You can use all the software that you used in Windows on ZORIN OS,
which means that the ZORIN OS kernel will support Windows games and software.
 And as I said above, you don’t have to use any antivirus in ZORIN OS because it is made this way.
Supporting innumerable languages ​​including Bengali so you can understand if you are going to get an extraordinary level of benefits.
You will find a lot of software in a built-in way,
and yes Microsoft Office has its own software as an alternative.
Photo Editing, Video Recorder, Audio Player, Video Player, Mozilla Firefox will also have great software.
that will at least save you from having to install.
If you like reading the review.
please let us know in the comments because your enthusiasm arouses our interest in coming up with something new.
And yes, if you want to install ZORIN OS, you can download it from the link below.
Goodbye like today. See you some other day with something new. Stay tuned.

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